CTAG Maroons

CT@G® “MAROONS” is a complementary product developed for effective and comprehensive management of Mass Rescue Operations (and similar) exercises. 

Tracking and collating volunteers to the evacuees that they represent is a simple database management function and can be readily achieved using the CT@G® “MAROONS” package.  They may be tracked throughout the progress of the exercise.

A fundamental element of all CT@G® solutions is the reporting capabilities:  by management of the data available, categorized reports are readily provided throughout an event.

“MAROONS” utilizes the award-winning CT@G® base software and, therefore, with access to the participant database throughout the event from the very first stages, it is possible to provide any and all information required to all parties at any time.  Reports can be pre-defined and incorporated at the time of installation or it is possible to generate ‘on-the-spot’ reports  -  this is a base function of the software and is easily achieved.

“MAROONS” can be used for the registration and monitoring of all participants, including exercise staff, industry representatives, volunteers, media, etc.  All participants will be issued with wristbands at registration, printed with an identifying barcode. Wristbands will be issued to everyone and the HSEEP colors can be provided on the wristbands. 

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