CTAG Marine

Onboard personnel may be identified from their cruise cards or ID cards by CT@G®’s software running on scanner-fitted, Wi-Fi enabled PDAs. 

By passing scanned ID information between CT@G®’s tracking software and the on-board hotel and crew management system, real-time passenger and crew accountability can be rapidly and accurately achieved during a muster.

Utilizing Wi-Fi links to the ship’s network, accurate, real-time reports are readily available to Command and Control Personnel at the Emergency Control Centre [ECC], on the Bridge and elsewhere.  PDA and ECC control screens utilize standard IMO symbology to facilitate intuitive use, allowing for fast muster with 100% accuracy.  Functionality includes:

• SEARCH capabilities




In the event that passengers and crew have to Abandon Ship, the ultimate benefit is provided through the ‘LANDFALL’ function:  muster records and data are stored in the memory of the PDAs and are thus transferred ashore with evacuated passengers and crew, allowing for continuous accountability from ship to shore.

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